Root'n Toot'n

Hillbilly Country duo with a Rockabilly twist


Root'n Toot'n were formed in 2005 with their first show at Skipton Country Music Festival in August of that year. The trio/duo was the brainchild of Mandy Stroud who gained many years experience with popular hillbilly trio The Smokey Mountain Boys. With co-founder Colin Mee and combining his experience of some 30+ years on the rockabilly scene, they came up with a real good mix of old time country with a rockabilly twist. This formula has enabled the trio/duo to carve out a niche in the UK and european country music scene and sees them performing at many clubs and festivals around the country.

Line up:
Colin Mee - Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar
Mandy Stroud - Double Bass/Vocals

To date, Root'n Toot'n have recorded and released 6 CD albums on the Skip Records Label
2006 - "Raw and Uncut" SKCD-02
2008 - "Making Hay" SKCD-03
2009 - "Dawg Gawn It" SKCD-05
2011 - "Another Nail In My Liver" SKCD-07
2012 - "A Hole In My Pocket" SKCD-12
2018 - "One Wheel Draggin" SKCD-19

Tel: 07817 063143
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